About Mom’s A Stewardess

This is a blog for the book Mom’s A Stewardess written by Angelica Victoria Bautista Viloria and published by Claretian Publications. It is a book about stewardship as a way of life that we are all called to. It is based on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how we can fill our lives with gratitude, responsibility, and generosity.

This blog covers several categories:

1. Writing and Publishing a Book: This focuses on the aspects of coming up with a book — from writing it to getting it published to marketing it. There are numerous writers who would probably want to get their books eventually published and information will be shared here on the things that must be considered.

2. My Stories: Aside from the stories shared in the book, there will be new stories added to this site from time to time, showing how mom can be a stewardess in her everyday life.

3. Your Stories: Readers of the book and of the blog are invited to e-mail Angel to share their personal stories about stewardship at home, in their office or business, in their parish, and wherever they may find themselves serving the Lord and others.

4. Events and Activities: We will inform readers about events and activities related to the book, as well as to stewardship in general.

5. Books: We will share with readers books and other materials which may increase the readers’ understanding of what stewardship is and which can help them become better stewards or stewardesses.

To understand stewardship better, you can read through this presentation on stewardship.

Why are we here on this earth? The Lord has a job for us to do. That is what stewardship is all about. We have all been blessed with numerous gifts and it is up to us to ensure that we use these gifts to do the Lord’s work:

“Thus says Yahweh:
As the rain and the snow come down from the heavens
and do not return till they have watered the earth,
making it yield seed for the sower
and food for others to eat,
so is my word that goes forth out of my mouth,
it will not return to me idle,
but it shall accomplish my will,
the purpose for which it has been sent.”
(Isaiah 55:10-11 TEV)