A Talk on: From Crisis to What Christ Sees

Last September 5, 2009, in cooperation with Hope Center and Claretian Publications, we had a talk on “From Crisis to What Christ Sees, ” a talk on the Spirituality of Stewardship. It started at 2:30pm and ended at about 4pm.

Prior to the talk, I had a conversation with my husband when I said that I would be happy if I could get at least 12 people to listen to me speak on stewardship. I have previously been involved in organizing talks for our parish and I knew how difficult it is to convince people to come. Still, I was determined to push through with the talk as I wanted more people to learn about stewardship as a way of life.

I got to Hope Center early and was happy to see a handful (more than 12 actually already, right at the start) of people (mostly religious sisters) waiting for the talk. Then, after a few minutes, more people started to come. Religious sisters, one or two priests, a few laypeople. We eventually hit more than 50 people and I was overwhelmed! What could I say to the religious sisters and priests who probably knew more than I did?

I said a short prayer before the talk started and smiled at the thought that the Lord must probably be laughing at me and my unbelief. There I was, worried about not having enough people to speak to and He sends me more than four times the number of people I was aiming for! I could feel a challenge with the Lord telling me: “Okay, I have given you the people who will listen. Now, do your share. Use your time and talent to bring more people closer to me.” I felt blessed. I felt that I was on the right track.

What is the talk From Crisis to What Christ Sees about? It is about trusting in God’s goodness and provisions no matter what. It is about seeing the world, not with our physical eyes but with the eyes of faith. It is about knowing that all things work for good for those who are called according to the Lord’s purpose. It is recognizing that when you give, you do not have less but actually receive more. It is realizing that with the Lord, resources are never limited or scarce. It is accepting that faith without works is dead. It is about doing good deeds because we are eternally grateful to the Lord Who gave us everything. Everything is grace but as I heard it said by a priest once, there is no such thing as cheap grace.

I took a photo of the group (and hope to share it sooner than later) and told them that in the next years, I will be looking out for them to see if they have actually done what we talked about on that day.

I personally believe that if more people, Filipinos particularly, learn the ways of stewardship, our nation will be better off. We did not charge anything for the talk but people were free to donate. Donations I received will be given likewise to my parish’s Stewardship fund which financially supports projects of the parish and the diocese of Cubao. It is my personal desire to have more people learn about stewardship. If I could share my thoughts with schools and universities, companies, organizations, and parishes, that would be great. All in God’s good time.

So, if you or anyone you know are interested to learn more about stewardship, do get in touch with me (by commenting or sending me email) and we’ll coordinate.

To those who came to the September 5 talk, again, thank you for sharing your precious afternoon with me. Time spent can never be regained which probably makes it our most important resource and makes me more appreciative of the fact that you spent time to listen. I do hope that you picked up a thing or two which will help you become better stewards and stewardesses in the years to come.

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