More Than Silver or Gold: Homilies of a Stewardship Priest by Fr. Daniel J. Mahan

If you are interested to deepen your understanding and appreciation of stewardship as a way of life, you may want to get a copy of Fr. Daniel J. Mahan’s book entitled More than Silver or Gold: Homilies of a Stewardship Priest. This book is published by Claretian Publications and Saint Catherine of Siena Press.

This is the book that started it all for me. After I attended Fr. Mahan’s retreat in August 2007 and after I read his book, the concept for my book, Mom’s A Stewardess became more clear. I am also grateful for the encouragement given by Fr. Mahan and I also appreciate his writing the Foreword for the book.

More Than Silver or Gold, explains through a collection of homilies delivered over several years, the characteristics of a steward and how stewardship can be applied to each and every aspect of our lives. The book also highlights the greatest gift that we have received, the Eucharist, “the treasure worth more than silver or gold.”

As we go through our busy lives, it is a challenge to set our priorities and focus on the things that really matter. With this book, may we all be reminded that the gift of faith is something that we must be grateful for and something that must guide the way we live every single day.

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