A Talk on: Stewardship and Advent

Last November 21, 2009, I was invited by Fr. Ronald Macale, parish priest of the Resurrection of Our Lord Parish to do a talk on Stewardship and Advent. Resurrection of Our Lord Parish is located at 39 Basa St., Paltok, Quezon City.

The talk started at about 8 or 8:30pm, with more than 70 parishioners in attendance. Most of them were those who served the parish in different organizations and ministries, plus a few young people whom I suppose, tagged along with their families and elders.

I am always happy to give talks on stewardship as I personally believe that understanding the concept of stewardship is the key to a more meaningful and peaceful life. Since this was a talk about Advent, I stressed that Stewardship was having an eternal Christmas. It is about accepting God’s invitation to fulfill our role in achieving God’s dream. Christ Mas. Mas in Spanish means more. Stewardship means having more of Christ in your life. Stewardship means making Christ more real to others.

To Fr. Ronald, parish staff, and all the parishioners who chose to spend their time that Saturday night listening to the Stewardship talk, thank you very much.

Here’s to more stewardship talks in parishes, schools, organizations, and even companies, in the near future!

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