Timetable for Writing a Book

How long does it take to write a book? Long enough. Just kidding. I didn’t think writing or coming out with a book would be as fast as about 11 months, but in the case of Mom’s A Stewardess, that’s about how long it took.

It started out with a book proposal and concept in August-September 2007. At that time, after agreeing about the concept in principle, Fr. Benedict Dilag of Claretian already proposed the following schedule:

Submission of first half of manuscript: mid-December 2007
Submission of remaining half of manuscript: end of February 2008
Lay-out: March 2008
Editing and Printing: April 2008
Book Launch: June 2008

What actually happened was like this:

Submission of complete manuscript: February 2008
Meeting with Editor/Working with Artist: March 2008
Receipt of Edited Manuscript/Submission of Cover Art Work: April 2008
Preparation/Review of Blueprint: May 2008
Book is ready: June 2008
Book launch: July 9, 2008

Though there were a few changes in the specifics of what happened when, generally speaking, we met all our targets time-wise. In fact, we finished the book earlier than schedule.

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