Wanted: A Steward President for the Philippines

The May 2010 Philippine presidential elections are upcoming and if you have already made your choice or have yet to make your choice, please gauge whether your choice will bring the Philippines closer to having a steward as president. This is actually what the Philippines needs, a steward for a president.

One of my firm beliefs in life is that the concept of stewardship will change the way things are in our country and in the world. Stewardship is based on knowing that nothing we have is really ours and that all that we have is given to us to use and take care of for the good of others.

Election after election, presidential candidates assume office only to disappoint us in the end. Corruption is still a major problem, our countrymen leave their families to earn a decent salary in other countries, and a lot of Filipinos remain poor and uneducated. We are a country of highly intelligent, hard-working, and charming people; we are blessed with abundant natural resources but the way things are in this country leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Still, hope springs eternal and on May 10, 2010, you and I have it in our hands to choose the person who will lead us in the next six years. Hopefully, that person will be a steward. How can we tell if the president is a steward?

The person who will be president must be grateful. He must be grateful for the chance to lead this nation and like any other ordinary individual grateful for a gift, the gift of the presidency will be handled with great respect.

The person who will be president must be responsible. He must be capable of dispensing his duties as president in an organized and moral manner. He must use his talents and his unique gifts as an individual to improve the lot of his fellow Filipinos, particularly the last, the least, and the lost.

The person who will be president must be generous and must give back with increase. He must be generous with his time, talent, and his own treasure. He must not enrich himself while in office. He must give back to the people in terms of service. He must give back to this nation a sense of propriety, instill a culture of discipline and decency, and lead us all to be generous with our neighbors and to think of the good of others who may be beyond our circle of friends and family.

On May 10, 2010, I urge you to vote wisely. Remember also though that transformation and change do not lie with the leader or with the president alone. You must be a steward yourself as well. You must also be grateful, responsible, generous, and must give back to others with increase.

That is my dream — the Philippines as a nation of stewards. A nation acting as a loving and caring family. As Lilo and Stich say, no one gets left behind.

If you wish to read further on my take on choosing whom to vote for, please read The Vote to Right.

2 Responses to “Wanted: A Steward President for the Philippines”

  1. nenbj says:

    i really thank the Lord that in our search to help a friend with leukemia in the later part of March this year, we were able to come across your website. personally, i am impressed on how you made every effort to reach out to the people, especially to the the moms like me the need to be steward in our daily living.. that whenever & wherever we are, the thought of living a godly life is far more important.. A life holy and acceptable to Him.

    if you would allow me, please.. i can share with you some other time my literary ,” My Dream of the Philippines”.. as the only Christian nation in asia, I believe in my heart that this country is blessed by the Lord, and will be using it to reach out to the “last, the least and the lost”.

  2. Angel says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comment and for dropping by this site. Thanks for your kind words as well.

    Yes, do share with me anything which you think may be of help in inspiring others. God bless.

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