How Are You Spending Your Dash?

The Dash is an inspirational poem written by Linda Ellis. There’s a mini-movie (well not really a movie) made for the poem and this was shared with me by my boss at work.

The movie may take some time to load but it is worth the wait. It has beautiful photos and sceneries, heartwarming music, and the words from the inspiring poem which will surely make you think.

When someone dies, you will typically see two dates — the year when the person was born and the year when the person died. In between those two years is a dash. Based on the poem, the dash stands for the time the individual spent on earth.

We are each writing our own stories by the way we live our life each day. How are you spending your dash? What will people say about you when you have passed away? What do people say about you today?

It is not really about wanting people to say good things about you but living our lives the way it should be lived. As the poem says: it’s not about what we own but how we live and love. After all, we do not really own anything. Everything that we have are gifts from the Lord and it is up to us to use all these gifts for good.

If you would like to see the movie, you can view it at

Enjoy the movie. May it touch you and change the way you spend your dash for the better. God bless!

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