Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Stewardship and Generosity:

In our parish of Christ the King, we ran a Stewardship campaign from July to December 2010. I share with you here our FAQs on Stewardship and Generosity, slightly re-written to apply to all.

1. To be a steward, do I need to share my time, my talent, and my treasure?

Each person is called to share in unique and different ways. In your journey as a steward, you may be moved to start with sharing your time and talent first, with treasure, following after, or it can also be the other way around. As you grow as a steward, however, you will see that eventually, you will be moved to share all the three Ts with love and joy.

2. How can I share my time and talent?

There are various ways to share your time and talent and one can get in touch with one’s parish and its different ministries or even with other organizations to serve in a way that best suits each individual.

Time and talent may also be shared in relation to one’s profession to benefit individuals in your community. If you are a doctor, for example, you may designate a certain number of hours during the month to treat patients who may not be able to afford your professional fee. If you are a photographer or a writer, you may want to volunteer your services for parish- or community-related events, projects, or activities.

3. I already give to other worthy causes and/or to the parish collection basket, should I still share my treasure specifically for Stewardship?

Offerings of treasure for Stewardship support many worthy projects of the Diocese and your parish. Donations to other worthy causes or money put in the collection basket serve other purposes. It is always better to give more and to grow in generosity.

4. How much must I give to Stewardship in terms of treasure?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how much you should give. It is worth noting though that in deciding how much to give, we must keep in mind the following points:

It must be prayerful. – Pray about it. Reflect on what the Lord has blessed you with and discern how much of these resources you can share with others in a spirit of thanksgiving for what the Lord has given you.

It must be planned. – Your giving must be deliberate. You must set aside and prepare the amount that you have decided to give or offer on a monthly basis.

It must be proportionate. – In prayer, determine what percentage or proportion of the resources you have available will be shared with Stewardship. The percentage can start out small and can grow over time.

It must be sacrificial. – Your giving must hurt. The amount of money that you give away is something that you must feel. Remember the widow’s mite. Giving to this level develops trust in God’s provisions and generosity and likewise lessens your attachment to material riches.

5. Why is it recommended or important that I commit to serve or give regularly as a steward?

You are what you do repeatedly. Generosity is not an act; it’s a habit. A habit of serving or giving regularly is our expression of thanksgiving and strengthens our resolve to trust in a God Who always provides and Who can never be outdone in generosity. Stewardship is about serving and giving regularly in ways that will benefit your parish and a bigger community.

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