Fr. Jose Mario Francisco, SJ on An Easter Life

For Holy Week this year, I attended a retreat at the Ateneo de Manila from Holy Thursday to Black Saturday. I know this piece is a bit late for Holy Week and Easter but it is never too late to start being an Easter people.

The priest for the Holy Saturday talk was Fr. Jose Mario Francisco, SJ. Towards the end of his session, he gave three tips to live an Easter life. I thought the tips were worth sharing and so I share them here with all my Mom’s A Stewardess readers and visitors.

1. Be at peace amidst calm and turbulence. – trust in Jesus, the Lord of the resurrection, no matter what. “Salvation is much greater than all the good things we desire.” Let nothing disturb you…God alone suffices.

2. Struggle to love as fully as possible. – At times, it can be difficult to love others. The love we offer is imperfect for we are not angels. We cannot, however, afford to say: “Bahala na. Walang pakialamanan.”

3. Seek to establish justice even if our efforts fail. – this is what we are called to do. Even if what we do do not appear to make a dent. This is what we need to do because Christ is risen.

There you go. Please keep in mind these three tips as you experience different things in life. No matter what, remember that Christ is risen and that we must find God in all things and bring Him to others daily.

Here’s wishing you an Easter life!

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