Annalyn Jusay

I will always be grateful to Ms. Annalyn Jusay for being the first blogger to help me out in promoting the book. I informed her about Mom’s A Stewardess and asked for her assistance in spreading the word about the book.

Annalyn has helped out a lot of bloggers by featuring them in her Blog-O-Rama column which appears in the Manila Bulletin every Monday. She featured the book Mom’s A Stewardess in her column on July 21, 2008. She sent me some interesting questions to answer. Questions like why I came out with a book in traditional form; or how to apply the principles of stewardship on the internet; and what precious lessons I’ve learned from writing and blogging.

To Annalyn, thank you very much for your help. If you wish to read her blog, you can visit

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  1. ajay says:

    Wow! Thanks for the mention. You deserve every bit of column space… good luck and more blessings in your vocation, Angel.

  2. Angel says:

    Hi Annalyn!

    You are welcome too! Thanks again for your help. I will always be grateful for your generosity.

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