Happy Birthday Mother Mary!

September 8 is the birthday of our Mother Mary. Catholics all over the world love Mother Mary similar to how we would honor, love, and respect our earthly mothers.

As I have said in my Mom’s A Stewardess book, Mother Mary is a “model stewardess.” What characteristics make her a stewardess?

She obeyed the Lord’s will. (“Let it be done to me according to thy word.”) — No matter how uncertain or how scared she must have felt when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her to tell her that she would bear a son, she knew that she had to accept the role that she had been given.

She stuck with Jesus through thick and thin. — Mother Mary was there at the foot of the cross. It must have been very painful to see her son suffer but she stood by Him. When things get difficult for us, do we still stick by Jesus? Or do we move away? Or do we question whether Jesus is still with us?

She cared for others. — At the Wedding at Cana, she was so worried that the guests would soon not have enough wine so she went to tell Jesus that they had no more wine. Jesus’ time had not come yet so Mary had to wait a bit more. And then, realizing that Jesus’ timing is always the best, she tells the servants: “Do whatever He tells you.”

So on the celebration of the birth of our Mother Mary, let us pray to her for assistance to become better mothers, children, and Christians. Let us go to her for help for when Mother Mary is there, can Jesus be far behind?

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