Mom’s A Stewardess at the Guardian Angel Fiesta in Ateneo

Last October 2, was the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Every year (for so many years now), my husband and I troop to the Ateneo for the Guardian Angel Fiesta as Ateneo Grade School has its fair coinciding with the Feast of the Guardian Angels. Families have their “salu-salo” (a get-together) where they share food, play games, and enjoy whatever musical numbers the boys have prepared.

It was a quick but short salu-salo this year, although our class started a bit late. We were impressed with the boys’ talents — from singing, to dancing, to playing the guitar. Who said Ateneans can’t dance?

The games were age appropriate (for the parents and for the boys) from the “drawing game” to the garter relay and lastly, to the longest line where all the coins and paper bills collected went to Bigay Puso (Given from the Heart). This year’s beneficiaries for Bigay Puso are the cancer patients at PGH. I am really so happy that Ateneo has the Bigay Puso program. It teaches the boys to give and share their blessings at an early age (they give from their allowance!) and it also makes them aware about the issues that confront our world or country today.

Alvin Barcelon

The program was hosted by Alvin Barcelona, a co-parent of ours. Alvin is a book author, preacher, and performer and he works with Bo Sanchez in spreading God’s Word. It was no wonder then that hosting came so naturally to him.

Ms Asonza

During the Salu-Salo, I raffled off three copies of the book Mom’s A Stewardess as a prize for the parents. It was my way of spreading the word about the book and at the same time, to thank the parents for the gift of their presence. Most of the time, in affairs such as these, it’s the boys who get prizes. If you think about it though, our parents truly do so much for us. Most of us would not be where we are today if our parents did not do their duties as parents as we were growing up.

The three books went to two parents and to my son’s homeroom teacher. Yes, she won it fair and square! I thought it was fitting too since teachers are our kids’ second parents at school. They care for our kids while they are away from home and play a very big role in helping us raise our children the proper way.

To all the winners in the book raffle, congratulations! To all the parents, particularly our parent officers who worked so hard to put everything together, congratulations too. It is fitting to remember during this Feast of the Guardian Angels that although we each have our own assigned guardian angels, we are all guardian angels to one another. As one of my favorite songs by Sarah Hickman goes: “For we are each others’ angels. And we meet when it is time.”

So, happy Feast of the Guardian Angels! Be an angel to people you meet daily.

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