Cess Papas

Cess Papas is a mommy blogger and she kindly featured Mom’s A Stewardess in her blog. She entitled her post Good Reads and referred to Mom’s A Stewardess as a parenting book (which it is, in a way) which can serve as a breath of fresh air amid the daily stresses of being a parent.

Lady Cess (as Cess is known in the Philippine blogosphere) is a wife, mother, and homekeeper by choice. Her blog can be a good resource page for stay-at-home moms like her, as well as for mothers, in general.

More recently, Lady Cess joined forces with other mommy bloggers to come up with The Filipino Mom Blog, a group blog where several bloggers take turns contributing articles or blog posts. This blog covers topics like parenting, child development, marriage and relationship, news and events, health, and food. The blog started in September 2008 and has a respectable number of posts to date. Featured mommy bloggers (aside from Cess) are: Feng, iMom, KongKong, Lynn, Teacher Julie, and Wenchie. If there is something that you would like to learn about mommy-hood, doesn’t it make perfect sense to go to the women who live, breathe, sleep and eat mommy-dom every single day of their immensely-blessed mommy lives?

I like their tagline: “Motherhood is a journey best travelled with friends.” And on the internet, most especially, we learn moreso, that “there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met.”

If you would like to check out Cess’ blog and what she wrote about Mom’s A Stewardess, here is her Mom’s A Stewardess post. Here, likewise is her latest article at Occupation: SAHM. Here too, is The Filipino Mom Blog.

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