It Isn’t Enough to be Good

One Sunday morning, I was having breakfast with my daughter Ali. My mother had just come from church and brought home some cassava cake.

I tried the cassava cake and found it yummy. I then asked my daughter to try it. I told her: “Try it. It’s good.”

To which my daughter quickly replies: “Good for what?”

I was stumped for a moment but grateful for a longer time as I realized that the brief conversation with my daughter had afforded me a very important reflection.

It isn’t enough to be good. We shouldn’t stop at just being good. There must be purpose to our goodness just as faith without works is dead.

So, are you good? What for? You cannot be good for nothing. You need to be good for something. The best is to be good for God and the only way you can do that is for you to find your true passion and to use that to serve the Lord and others.

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