Writing Your Book and Copyright

The copyright owner for Mom’s A Stewardess is Claretian Publications. They own the copyright since they spent for all the costs in relation to publishing or coming out with the book.

I would have had joint copyright with them if I became a co-publisher and shouldered a certain portion of the publishing costs.

Does that mean that I need to ask them for permission every time that I quote from the book? Claretian Publications explained to me that since I am the author of the book, I may quote from it without asking them for permission.

Since they are the sole publisher though, they make all the decisions on pricing, when to re-print, and all other issues relating to the book. Had I been a co-publisher, then such things would be decided on by both Claretian and myself.

It makes good sense to work with a publisher. As a writer, it frees you from the various nitty-gritty activities that come with publishing, book distribution, and marketing. Then again, as the writer of the book, you also need to exert effort selling the book to assist the publisher in making sure that all the copies are sold. After all, your name is on the book right?

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