Should You Read Other Books?

When I was discussing months ago with my publisher about our book project, my publisher suggested that I stop reading other books too much. Reading too many similar books, while easier for the writer in terms of possibly generating new or related ideas, might lead to the writer “being influenced” by other writers.

It is best for any writer to be true to his/her style and tone so that he or she will have a finished product that is uniquely his or hers. Thus, it may really make good sense to stay away temporarily from books covering a similar topic as you write your book so that you are more focused on your thoughts and experiences.

I hope that the Mom’s A Stewardess book will generate the right questions and ideas for those who get hold of a copy and will lead the reader to finding out his or her true vocation, according to God’s will and plan.

For those who want to get hold of a copy of Mom’s A Stewardess for Christmas, copies are still available at BestSellers Robinsons Galleria and at Powerbooks Megamall the last time I checked. But please call first to make sure that there is stock. If your favorite bookstore branch does not have the book in stock anymore, please check with another branch. Or you may ask your favorite branch to reserve copies for you already the next time they have the book.

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