What My Child Prays For

As a parent, I attempt to teach my children to get comfortable speaking with God. Most of the time, my children resort to “formula prayers” as these are faster and easier.

From my book editor, Ms. Rica Bolipata Santos, I learned a good technique about praying as a family. Family members mention their favorite parts of the day and also pray for other people. (Soon, I will share Ms. Rica’s piece on that with my web readers.)

We started doing the technique then as a family months ago. One time, it was my 12-year old son’s turn to lead the family in prayer. We try not to repeat our prayers as I do not want the kids to develop the habit of just praying from memory. Earlier that day, my son also did not do something that I told him to.

When it came to the point of praying for someone else, my son repeated a previous prayer of his. I requested him to pray for someone else, to which he retorted: “Can’t you just accept my prayer?”

At that time, I was not inclined to do so and reminded him that we should not just stick to repetitive prayers. I then added: “We are going to stay here until you think of something.”

After some time, my son did think of another person to pray for and another prayer. He said: “Please make Mommy more patient.”

The prayer made me laugh. My children were then able to go to bed. Am still not very patient but at least, my kids are starting to speak to the Lord as a friend. Well, the Lord is still working on me.

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