Having Your Book Manuscript Reviewed

If you are a relatively new or unknown author or writer, your book can benefit from having known people or writers come up with a testimonial or endorsement of your book. Doing this, however, will entail costs and time.

One easy, cost-effective way is for you to send a soft copy of an excerpt to the reviewer via e-mail. This will cost you the least money and will also entail the least amount of time. The downside is that it is always easier to read a hard, printed copy. Sending an excerpt will likewise not give the reviewer the “full flavor” of your work.

The best (and most costly and time-consuming too) approach is to send the full, printed manuscript to your reviewers. Fax Parcel N’ Print at SM Megamall does a pretty good job of making copies of your manuscript. You can reach them at 633-8116 or at 634-2459. They are located at Unit 33, Lower Ground, Building A, SM Megamall in Ortigas.

For my own manuscript, I spent a total of P2,348.25. This was for a 111 page document, seven copies. The quality was okay and they already gave it to me collated, bound, with clear plastic in front, and hard paper at the back. All in all, the whole process took about two hours and a half.

Regarding getting your manuscript to the reviewer, you may send via your driver although you will need to pay your driver for the day, as well as spend on gasoline. Using a courier service makes good sense as they charge reasonable amounts.

In my case, I used JRS a lot, with me paying about P80 for documents of up to one half kilo. It takes about two working days for the document to get to its destination.

Other courier services you can consider are LBC (about P105 to P115 for a document) or DHL (P92 to P123.23). Rates vary depending on the location. Still, JRS has the lowest rates.

Having your book manuscript reviewed can entail costs and some amount of work but believe me, in the end, it will all be worth it.

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