Happy New Fear!

Yes, you read that right. That is not a typo in the title up there. As we welcome 2009, I wish all of you a happy new fear!

Each individual probably fears something or someone. Fear of the dark. Fear of change. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of people in authority. The year that is about to unfold brings many fears. Fears of a global financial crisis. Fear of war. Fear of not having enough.

But our good Lord repeatedly tells us and reminds us: “Courage! It’s me. Don’t be afraid.” Look back to the episodes in your life and you will see that things or events which we feared may have brought us to encounter the Lord more closely. To rely on His strength and not on ours. And when we face and conquer our fears by trusting the Lord, positive things unfold and we discover good things about ourselves. Things which we never would have discovered had we stayed petrified.

And so as we start the year 2009, I wish you a happy new fear! Be bold. Do not be intimated. With the Lord by your side, there is nothing to fear.

As a portion of John 4:11-18 goes: “There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away fear, for fear has to do with punishment; those who fear do not know perfect love.” May you discover and savor the Lord’s perfect love for you this year. Do not be afraid. Have no fear. Just love.

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