The Beauty of Gratitude by Didi Maranon

Last Christmas, I received a handy book called The Beauty of Gratitude, Insights on Thanksgiving by Didi Maranon. Didi is part of Elim and the book is published by Springs Foundation.

Being grateful is one of the characteristics of a steward or a stewardess. It was thus with much interest that I went through the book.

I liked the book. It is easy to read, with very short chapters and it talks about being thankful amidst the daily demands of life. Or amidst the ordinariness of things.

The book offers a lot of useful insights which will help us all appreciate life better. This is a good gift to give to people whom you would like to say thank you to. Your parents, your friends, your teachers.

To inquire about the book, you may contact and you may also call 722-6749 in Metro Manila, Philippines.

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