Bishop Chito Tagle’s Reflection on the Lost Coin

We continue with the highlights of the Lenten Recollection called Found by Love, with Bishop Chito Tagle as the recollection master. If you would like to get the full picture of what was taken up during the recollection, I suggest you read the other blog posts prior to this.

In Luke Chapter 15, there is the parable of the woman with the lost coin. According to Bishop Tagle, in the olden times, in Palestine, women used to wear a headdress and this can be adorned by coins. In this story, the woman had ten coins and this means that the woman was not very wealthy but was of modest means.

The coins on the headdress would make up part of the dowry and this was needed if a woman wanted to get married. Thus, even if one coin, may not really be of significant value on its own, the woman searched for it because it meant her life. Bishop Tagle imagines the woman frantically searching for the coin because it meant her destiny.

The same is true in our relationship with the Lord. The Lord looks for us because we are His own. We are His life. In fact, Jesus gave up His Life to save us from sin. To save us, to redeem us — that is His destiny. It is our destiny too to be with Him.

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