Bishop Chito Tagle and the Parable of the Prodigal Son

This is a parable that we all know so well. Some priests and bishops say that this should be called The Parable of the Loving Father or The Parable of the Two Lost Sons.

It is the story of a son who was lost and who repented and went back to his father. Upon returning home, the father welcomes the lost son because he is his own.

The second son, the one who stays home, resents the attention and love that is lavished on the son who went away and eventually comes home. Again, the father shows his love for the other son by stressing that “Everything I have is yours.”

The parable reminds all of us of the greatness of God’s love. It is a call to us to stop our loveless ways and to be merciful. Most of the time, we gauge or treat people based on their marketability, their worth, or what they mean to us or what they can do for us. Bishop Chito Tagle reminds us that Jesus came to remind us that we “belong to each other.”

Each individual is our own. There is no such thing as a worthless sheep, a worthless coin, or a worthless son. God tells us: You are mine.

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