What Do I Own and What Owns Me by Daniel Conway

The book What Do I Own and What Owns Me by Daniel Conway is published/distributed in the Philippines by Claretian Publications. It is a good book to start reading if one wants a basic explanation of what stewardship means as a way of life.

The book invites us to examine our various attachments, as well as the desire to be in control over our lives. But are we in control? To a certain degree, perhaps, but as one ages, one is blessed with the wisdom that all the good things in our lives did not come about because of our own doing solely. More importantly, not all the not-so-welcome events, were totally useless either.

In several chapters, Daniel Conway explains that everything we have is a gift from God and that it is in God’s will and ways, that we must trust. The author is thankful to Archbishop Thomas Murphy who taught him a lot about stewardship by the words that the Archbishop shared but more importantly, with the life that he lived. Daniel Conway shares what Archbishop Murphy said when the latter was about to undergo surgery. He uttered words to the effect that when you are in the operating room, it does not really matter who you are or what you own. The only things that will matter then are your doctors and God’s grace.

The book reminds us that God gives to us continuously and so we must also give too. It invites us to pursue a “lifestyle of sharing.” Stewardship involves conversion, sharing, and wanting to be a holy people.

The chapters of the book are short and easy to read and they offer questions for reflection and discussion after. These provide good guides for personal introspection and can also be used in generating new ideas for individuals intent on pursuing a life of stewardship.

The book cites the example of the Dead Sea — it is a body of water that just takes but does not give. One which takes, but does not give — is dead. All of us, for as long as we are on earth, take, in some way. But do you give? If you do, then that’s fine. You can be finer by giving more. If you don’t give at all … well, it’s never too late.

Interested in stewardship concepts? Get a copy of this book and learn more about how life can be more spiritual and meaningful through the practice of stewardship daily.

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