Stewardship Sunday, Stewardship Everyday

Last February 17, 2008, our parish celebrated Stewardship Sunday for the second time. Stewardship Sunday is a way by which we hope to increase awareness about stewardship among the parishioners of Christ the King.

What is stewardship? Stewardship is a way of life that we are all called to and is based on our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are all called to imitate Jesus, to grow in holiness, and to contribute our time, talent, and treasure in the service of the Lord and of others.

A few weeks before Stewardship Sunday, we had four white tarpaulin banners positioned at the main altar with the words “Spirituality of Stewardship,” “Time,” “Talent,” and “Treasure” on them. The signs continuously reminded parishioners that we cannot look to the Lord and not do anything. Adoring and praising the Lord must be accompanied by action and by being generous with the gifts of time, talent, and treasure that we have all been given.

Stewardship Sunday thus featured booths for the different parish organizations inviting individuals to participate in the various activities and ministries. Sign up forms and basic information about the organizations were provided to parishioners who visited the booths. Kids and adults alike likewise enjoyed the cotton candy, ice cream, taho, and cupcakes which were served throughout the day.

The Gospel for Stewardship Sunday focused on the Lord’s transfiguration. Bishop Ongtioco, who celebrated the 10:30am mass preached that we must all be “transformed into the image of the Lord.” He explained that we should always focus on the greater good and that our gifts are not just meant for our use but are meant to be shared with others. Each individual has the power to change himself or herself so that we can have a much better country and a better world.

In all the masses, Monsignor Dan Sta. Maria gave a brief report on the use of Stewardship Funds. Since the start of the Stewardship Program in 2005 until December 2007, a total of P9.2 million had been offered by offerors to the Stewardship Program. The amount has been used for projects of the parish and the diocese. Projects have included: support for poor parishes, catechism in public schools, priest formation, medical assistance, youth development and scholarships, feeding of children in public schools, prison apostolate, livelihood programs, among others. For scholarships, for example, from having just 14 scholars in 2006, the Stewardship Program is now supporting 115 scholars in high school and college at present. A total of P735 thousand has also been given by Stewardship to the Gawad Kalinga project of the parish.

Christ the King Parish aims to be a true stewardship parish, promoting gratitude, responsibility, and generosity. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” It is our hope that the coming years will see more parishioners getting involved in parish activities and ministries. Continuing projects of the parish and the diocese will need regular, committed financing support. We must all realize that we are all called to serve for at Christ the King Parish, we look at stewardship as a way of life, not just on Stewardship Sunday but on each and every day. After all, as it says on our stewardship t-shirts, “Giving back is easier than you think.”

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