Update #1

Here’s what I sent out recently to subscribers of the mailing list (July 9 book launch).

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to check the blueprint for the book today. I met with Bob Laurio of Claretian this evening and the book will be off to the press soon.

We hope to have the copies of the book ready by mid-June 2008, in time for the launch on July 9, 2008. At around that time too, we target to have the book sold at National Book Store and Powerbooks.

July 9 and onwards, the book will be available in all Claretian Publication bookstores and partner book outlets nationwide. In Quezon City, you can go to their bookstore at 8 Mayumi St., UP Village, Quezon City.

The book will be 151 pages long. No price information yet. We’ll know that too shortly before July 9. I will let you know as soon as I get hold of the pricing information.

For those who are based abroad, there will be a way to order through the internet.

You can check out

=> http://www.claretpublications.com

and you can e-mail cci at claret dot org to inquire about shipping internationally or about volume discounts (but you really have to order a good number).

You may also get in touch with Ms. Chiqui Basmayor at cbasmayor at gmail dot com. She is in charge of the Foreign Orders Department.

See you all at the launch… or at the bookstores. =)

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