The Sound of a Baby’s Cry

We were at the pediatrician’s clinic today as my daughter was scheduled to get a booster shot. Anyone who has been at the doctor’s knows that before it gets to be your turn, you will need to wait a bit, so there we were at the corridor, waiting for our doctor’s secretary to call us.

While waiting, a mother with a baby passed by and it happened that the baby was crying. A lot. The baby was a newborn — judging from the sound of his or her cry. Louder. More distinct. Quite frantic. If you are a parent, you know what I mean.

My husband and I looked at each other, as we were seated apart, and we both nervously smiled. When we finally got together at the doctor’s clinic, we talked about the baby’s cry.

Nadinig mo?” (Did you hear the baby’s cry?) “Iba, ano?” (A newborn baby’s cry sounds different.)

Na-mi-miss mo ba?” (Do you miss it?) My husband asked.

Kinabahan ako.” (I felt nervous.)

Just to put things in perspective, my husband and I have two kids. My youngest child is 6 years old.

While my daughter was being checked, we were still talking about the newborn baby’s cry. Our pediatrician then asked if we had plans of having another child since my youngest was already very big. She further said that according to my OB, three is the ideal number of children and when I talked about the “middle child syndrome,” my pedia replied by saying that that won’t happen to my daughter anymore as she has already been “well-affirmed.”

When we were in the car on the way home, we were still talking about the newborn baby’s cry. My daughter Ali was listening and upon noticing probably, how preoccupied we were with the baby’s cry, she asked: “Why, how does the cry of a newborn baby sound?”

I was not really thinking but I laughed (and my husband laughed too) when I realized and heard what my answer was: “It sounds like a lot of work.” My daughter laughed too.

Motherhood is really a lot of work. Parenting takes a lot of effort. To bring a child into this world and to make sure that he or she contributes positively to this world can be a daunting task. Parenting is not for wimps. We need to be responsible. We need to be generous. We need to give back to the Lord with increase. And no matter what happens, from day to day, we need to be grateful for God’s greatest gifts to us as parents, our children.

We can’t do all the work though. We need help. We need guidance. Just as our babies look to us, their parents, for everything they need, we look towards our Heavenly Father Who knows what we need even before we ask. Or even before we cry.

Our relationship with the Lord takes a lot of effort too. I can almost imagine Our Father, looking after us, pursuing us, and smiling and saying: “A lot of hard work.” But just because something entails a lot of hard work, it does not mean that we do not do it anymore.

So enjoy each moment that you have with your kids — even when things are not that easy. With great work, comes unexpected rewards. God bless.

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