Of Jellyfish Stings, Mothers, and the Philippine Elections

Just this week, my family and I went to Dumaguete for our annual family vacation. One of the activities we scheduled was to go dolphin watching, taking off from Bais City in Negros.

After enjoying the sight of dolphins, we moved on to the Manjuyod Sandbar for some swimming. All was well and fine until my husband and son got stung by a jellyfish. That cut short our swimming time.

I have never been stung by a jellyfish before so I have no idea what it feels like. From what I saw, the area that got stung gets quite red and swollen and from the feedback that I got from my husband and son, their stomachs and back started to ache too and their chest started to feel heavy.

I had brought some antihistamine/anti-inflammatory medicine with me and so I asked my husband and son to take one each. I don’t know if the medicine worked but after some time, they started to feel better. My son, surprised that I had such medicine with me, while we were in the middle of the sea exclaimed: “What would we do without a mom?” (That was really music to my ears…)

As an afterthought, I told my son: “Well, if you didn’t have a mom, you probably won’t get stung because there would be no one to plan our trips…” I was joking of course and my son probably knew that too but as he smiled, he looked confused, trying to decide whether he was happy that I was there to give him the medicine or whether he should be angry about the sting and all.

Such is life. Things are hardly black or white. Situations are never perfect. We all love our mothers but I am sure we do not get along with them all the time. But then again, that is the essence of true and lasting love, right? If all parents and children were perfect then love would be easy and it would lose its very power.

Love for country is also something that can leave us with mixed feelings. Tomorrow, May 10, 2010, is election day here in the Philippines. One part of me feels excited about the prospect of change but another part of me feels hesitant and worried as well about not being able to find a leader who will truly bring about change. Well, we hope and pray for the best. Just like a jelly fish sting, we will survive this and be stronger after. As we go to the polls though, let us vote wisely for the sake of our children and our motherland.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our loving mothers and stewardesses of the highest order. Go out and vote tomorrow. Vote wisely.

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