On Prayer: A Letter to My Godchild by Phyllis Zagano

Prayer is an important component of stewardship as a way of life. Imagine going through life without communicating with or listening to your closest relatives or friends. You’d probably go bonkers! That is why prayer must be part and parcel of the life of a steward or stewardess.

Christmas is fast approaching. If you are of a certain age, you are probably the godparent (or ninong or ninang) of the children of relatives and friends. If your godchildren are in their teens or older, you may want to check out this book: On Prayer — A Letter to My Godchild by Phyllis Zagano. This book is the result of the author’s conversation with her 21 year old godchild on her godchild’s birthday. On that day, the two of them sat together and talked about God and prayer.

It’s a wonderful little book that everyone and anyone can benefit from. It talks about the four types of prayer: Adoration, Contrition, Petition, and Thanksgiving. It discusses the methods of prayer and what the results of prayer will be. For example, the author states that if “…we are genuinely praying, we cannot help but be concerned with others…” She also says that prayer is an important part of building our relationship with God.

I gave this book as a gift to some of my godchildren. I think I will buy more copies in the future to give to the rest of my godchildren at the right time. More than material gifts, we must remember, that as godparents, we need to nurture our godchildren’s spiritual lives and growth. We must bring them closer to the Lord.

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