Getting Endorsers For Your Book

Coming out with a book is not just a writing exercise, it is also a marketing exercise. Particularly if you are a first time, unknown author like me, you will need to convince people that they need to part with their money and with their precious time for them to be able to read your book. Why would they want to do that?

Here is where getting endorsers for your book comes in. You will need to find prominent, well-known, established individuals who will be willing (and nice enough) to take a look at your book manuscript and write a message to convince potential buyers to read your book. Look at Bo Sanchez. He’s an established, best-selling author and yet, if you check out his books, he still has those testimonial messages.

Where do you find people who can possibly endorse your book? You need to look around. You need to connect. You need to think of people you know and people whom people you know know. (Sounds complicated right — well, in a way, it is.)

What’s the most negative thing that can happen when you approach someone for an endorsement? You get rejected, right? But then again, if you think about it, if they say no, you really lose nothing. You are right were you started. But what if they accept or agree?

In the case of my book, I am very grateful to the following people who really helped me out with their messages and suggestions:

Mr. Alex Lacson, best selling author of 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country

Bishop Honesto Ongtioco, DD of the Diocese of Cubao

Fr. Jerry M. Orbos, SVD, Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist, Author, and SVD Mission Director

Nina Lim-Yuson, Ph.D, President and CEO of Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc.

Msgr. Daniel B. Sta. Maria, Parish Priest of Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows


Fr. Daniel J. Mahan, Executive Director of the Marian College Center for Catholic Stewardship who also generously wrote the Foreword for the book.

Alex Lacson is also a parishioner at Christ the King and is known to Wins Mirasol whom I work with in Stewardship. Bishop Ongtioco and Monsignor Dan Sta. Maria are active in promoting stewardship in our parish. Fr. Jerry Orbos is a friend of my parents. Ms. Nina Yuson is a friend of Sana Sta. Ana, my Poveda batchmate. Fr. Dan Mahan, I met through stewardship also and it was really his encouragement that started this whole book process altogether.

To all of them, I will be eternally grateful. If there is one thing that this whole book process has taught me, it is that: people are willing to help. They may not really know you that well or not be close to you but if you ask them for assistance, there are individuals who will give of their precious time to help a fellow human being out. And that’s what stewardship is all about.

2 Responses to “Getting Endorsers For Your Book”

  1. Nancy Rojo says:

    hi angel,
    finally got to read your my copy from NBS mall of asia.light and relaxed reading- finished it in more or less an hour.reminded me of the value of the work that i do as a full-time (there’s that word again,he-he) mom.inspiring and uplifting.the anecdotes on ali and adi were cute and funny.keep on writing : )

  2. Angel says:

    Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on this blog. Thanks for getting a copy of the book! Nahanap mo din.

    Yes, I wrote it in such a manner that it’s just like me telling a story or talking to a friend. The tone is light and relaxed but the work that went into coming out with the book is something else. If your heart isn’t in it, it won’t be enjoyable but mine was, so despite all the things that needed to be done, masaya!

    Am glad that it made you appreciate your role as a mom more. Some day, our kids will appreciate all that we did for them more.

    Yes, will be writing continuously — probably till the day I die. Haha.

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