Finding An Artist for Your Book

When you come out with or publish your book, chances are you will need to scout for an artist who can give your book cover or pages of your book the look and feel that you want. In the case of the Mom’s A Stewardess book, I knew I wanted the drawings to be colorful to catch the attention of prospective readers and also to give the book a “light look.”

I searched for Filipino artists (preferably female) and the Ilustrador ng Kabataan website was very helpful in getting in touch with them. Each artist’s page had the artist’s profile, contact info, and portfolio with some sample artwork. In this way, you could check out the style of the artist and see if it matches what you wanted for your book.

One thing I learned about my search for an artist was that artists are very busy people. They are usually booked months in advance. It’s interesting actually that while Jill Posadas (my artist for the illustration on the book cover) and I worked on the book cover for Mom’s A Stewardess, we didn’t even get to personally meet each other. All our correspondence and coordination were actually done through e-mail and payment and submission were done via the bank and couriers. The wonders of technology truly!

When choosing from several artists, you will need to communicate to them expectations, requirements, and timelines. In return, they will give you a quote for their services and the range in terms of pricing can vary greatly from artist to artist.

In the case of Jill Posadas, I thought her pricing was very reasonable, and I liked the fact that she was very responsive to e-mail and text messages. I could also tell from her e-mail that it would be pleasant and interesting to work with her, just from the way that she wrote her e-mail.

In the case of Mom’s A Stewardess, Jill came up with three thumbs (small sample drawings), from which I chose the final cover illustration. Once I had chosen from the three, I could ask Jill via e-mail to adjust the drawing here and there, to change the color, or to add or remove an element or a detail, the works! It was pretty amazing.

In terms of the medium, Jill suggested that we use watercolor (instead of acrylic, for example) as she says this would give a cleaner look. She also gave me the option of buying the final artwork so I get to keep it. In terms of payment, by the way, artists may ask you for a down payment and then you pay the balance after the final artwork has been submitted.

It is important by the way, to ask your publisher what the size of the book will be so that your artist could do the drawing to match the size of the book.

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