Alex Lacson

Atty. Alex Lacson is the best-selling author of the book 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country. Prior to my working on the book Mom’s A Stewardess, I did not know him personally. Well, I found out that he was also a parishioner at our parish and that one of my friends from the parish knew him, but that was about it.

Given his success with his book, I decided to take the chance to e-mail him and ask for his help in getting his endorsement or testimonial for my book, if he agreed to read and go through the manuscript. I sent him e-mail explaining my situation (how I was a new writer and that I would need all the help I could get given my book on stewardship) and he responded positively quite quickly — to my great surprise! I was really appreciative of the fact that a well-known, best-selling author like him would take the time to help someone whom he knew from nowhere. He didn’t ask for more details on the book or he didn’t say that he would need to read the book first — he just said “yes” that he would help me outright.

I later on found out that Alex Lacson’s son and my son were classmates in Ateneo in the previous year. It really is a small world. When I finally met Atty. Lacson, I was personally struck by his being low-key, soft-spoken, but at the same time, very passionate about the Philippines and everything good about the Filipino.

We met briefly one time in Starbucks, where he also introduced me to some of his friends from World Vision. During that brief meeting, we talked about my book, his book, and our future plans. He also gave me some pointers on what works with Filipinos when you write a book. Like how Filipinos like books with quotations. Or that handy books are less intimidating than bigger ones. How something that’s easy to read will be preferred over something that’s very complex.

He also said that there are only three things that make a book attractive to people: the color of the cover; the title; and the content.

I’ll be forever grateful to Atty. Lacson for all the help he gave me with the book. Now if I can only sell half of the number of copies he sold in six months, that would be unbelievable.

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