Mom’s A Stewardess Celebrates its First Year!

July 9, 2008, was the day we launched the book Mom’s A Stewardess, published by Claretian Publications. Today, July 9, 2009, marks the book’s first year anniversary.

Thank you very much to all those who have helped me with the book in some way. I will always be grateful to all of you.

During the book launch a year ago, I mentioned three lessons I learned from writing a book. Today, on my book’s first birthday, I wish to share another three lessons that I have learned from “selling” the book. Here they are:

1. Aim high but be patient. – Before we started selling the book, I had set personal targets in terms of how many copies I should have sold by when and when we should be able to do a re-print. We have been able to finish the stock in selected book store branches (some branches have already re-ordered) but based on the total system, there are still copies to be sold.

As the year went on, I have learned to relax more even as I exert effort to sell additional copies. I do not stress myself out unnecessarily. Selling a book is an experience to be enjoyed and as with everything in life, things are accomplished in God’s good time.

2. Cut your losses. – I have come across a lot of people who are willing to help and there are those who may have considered helping but may not have come through. I have learned not to focus my time or energy on things and situations that do not yield positive results. A follow up or two would be enough but if you do not get the help you expect by then, move on to the next alternative. People who genuinely wish to help you will typically help you right away or will do so in time even without you bugging them.

3. Give before you receive. – Part of pushing your book is giving some copies away. I have noticed that in most cases, giving a copy away generates more orders. One copy given to a friend can have a multiplier of 3, 10, or even more than 70!

And so, happy birthday to the book and thank you to all of you who have signed up for this blog’s mailing list or who regularly drop by this site.

Please consider Mom’s A Stewardess for your upcoming Christmas gift-giving this December 2009. Each book you buy helps support the projects of Christ the King Stewardship.

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