Getting Your Book Ready

Coming out with a book is no walk in the park (it’s a lot of hard work actually) so my suggestion is if it isn’t really your lifelong dream and if you don’t like books and writing that much, don’t even start the process. It can get pretty stressful.

But if you really like and enjoy writing and books in general, even if it is tiring, you will be able to see things through.

Once you have the edited manuscript (hard copy) and once you have sent the soft copy of your book manuscript, your publisher will start laying out everything. Expect several rounds (about 4 to 6, if I counted correctly) of corrections and proofreading since not all people who work on your book will be as familiar as you are with everything you wrote.

Once done with that, you will be shown the blueprint (white paper with blueprint) which is like the actual book already. In the case of Mom’s A Stewardess, I saw the blueprint on May 26, 2008 and also signed a contract with Claretian Publications as my publisher.

As author/writer, your publisher will give you author’s copies which you can give away (or sell) to family members and friends.

From the time I saw the blueprint, it took over a week for the book to be ready (it was ready on June 6, 2008) and at that time, they also quoted what the selling price would be.

We launched the book a month after on July 9, 2008.

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