Cathy Babao Guballa

I do not know Cathy Babao Guballa personally. We have not even met. I do know though that she blogs and that she writes a column for the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Sundays.

Her column is called Roots and Wings. In each column, she invites readers to communicate with her through e-mail.

I’ve been trying to get the word out about my Mom’s A Stewardess book so I decided to try and get in touch with Ms. Cathy to ask for her help. I e-mailed her, explained the concept of the book and asked if she could help me by writing about the book. She replied promptly and so I proceeded to send her a copy of the book for her to read.

On August 3, 2008, her column came out and it was entitled: An Inspiring Book for Parents. In her column, she wrote about a recent hospital experience and then related it to one of the chapters in my book called: “Between Kawasaki and the Deep Red Sea.” She highlighted the lessons that I enumerated in the chapter as lessons I had learned when my daughter had Kawasaki Disease at the age of two.

When I talk to people who have read the book, I always try to ask for feedback on which story they liked best. So far, Between Kawasaki and the Deep Red Sea is one of the more popular ones. I guess most parents identify with it as we all worry when our children are sick or when things don’t go too well.

I first heard about Ms. Cathy when I read before about Migi’s Corner Foundation. Migi’s Corner is named after Ms. Cathy’s son, Migi who died from complications from open heart surgery. In memory of her son, the foundation puts up bright playrooms in various hospitals, particularly for indigent children in government hospitals. There are now about 13 Migi’s Corners all over the country.

I am grateful to Ms. Cathy for her openness to help a first-time, unknown book author like me. I am sure her PDI column did a lot in letting people know that such a book is in the market. I already know of at least one person who went out and bought the book because she read about it in the newspaper column.

More than helping me out with my book though, I am amazed at how she has turned the passing away of her son into an opportunity to help and reach out to others. That can only be possible with faith in our good Lord.

If you wish to visit Cathy Babao Guballa’s blog, you can read her writings at

Thanks again for your help, Ms. Cathy!

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