Printing or Publishing Your Book

What’s the typical print run for a book here in the Philippines? Through the whole process of writing my book and getting Claretian Publications to publish it, I learned that for publishing a book to be economical or to at least make some financial sense, you need to print a minimum of 1,000 copies.

For Mom’s A Stewardess, they printed more than that (although am not saying how many — maybe 1,001 — haha) and as of my latest check, the book seems to be selling quite well. We actually did a re-print (500 copies minimum) already for orders on my end. I’m crossing my fingers that there will soon be a re-print for the bookstores but am told that there is still some stock left in circulation. The publisher, I am told, will consider re-printing when there are no more stocks left in the system.

It has been almost four months since we launched the book last July 9. Generally, a print run should sell over one to two years so I guess I should be pretty happy with the way things are going.

When publishing a book, there are actually three ways by which you could do this:

1. Print Job – the client covers all the costs. The publisher just prints. If you are an author and you decide to have someone print your book for you, then you are essentially a self-published author. This type of publishing is what Central BookStore does. Claretian Publications also accepts print jobs.

2.Commissioned – for publications which have a ready market, a writer or author may be approached by a publisher for him or her to write for that book or publication. In this particular case, the writer is paid a certain fee to complete the book.

3.Publication – this is a situation wherein the writer has to propose a book concept to a publisher and if the concept is accepted by the publisher, the book is printed and the publisher shoulders all the costs. This was the case for Mom’s A Stewardess. I didn’t pay a single thing. Claretian Publications took care of all the necessary costs and expenses. Consequently, they own the copyright to the material.

So, are you looking forward to printing or publishing your first book? Just go for it! For as long as you have a unique concept, take the plunge. Your dream to be a published author may just be a page away.

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