Anton Diaz

If you are a Filipino blogger or if you are on the internet a lot, chances are you know who Anton Diaz is. Anton Diaz is one of the more popular Filipino bloggers and if you wish to find out about which restaurants to go to, places to visit, shows and musicals to watch, then you had better check out

Anton Diaz kindly wrote about the book Mom’s A Stewardess while on a trip to Bohol. I am glad that the book gave him a different perspective about specific aspects about his life. I wonder where the book that he gave away is right now? How many people have actually read it?

Anton also intends to publish a book soon. This is his OAP book: 100 Awesome Experiences Only in the Philippines. I will be watching out for his book and am sure a lot of his readers are too.

Here is where you can read Anton’s Mom’s A Stewardess write up.

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