The Joy of Broken Chips

My daughter Ali is so thin. She does not enjoy eating as much as I do. When she does want to eat, it is usually something that’s not good for her — like fatty things and salty food.

As a trying-to-be-good-mother, I try as much as possible to limit her consumption of such food items. From time to time though and so as not to make her feel deprived, I allow her to choose a treat from the grocery and most of the time, she would choose potato chips.

One time, she bought a can of chips. When we got home, we found out that the can contained a lot of broken pieces. I didn’t like it that way and so I hardly asked Ali for any. Ali, on the other hand, gleefully exclaimed: “Broken chips are nice because you have more chips!”

I was struck by her attitude of being thankful for what she had and for her capacity to find joy in what seemed like an imperfect situation. It made me realize that the next time I found myself in a situation which may not be to my liking or which was less than perfect, I could take Ali’s “broken chips” perspective.

So are you stuck with a can filled with broken potato chips? Be happy. Rejoice. Be thankful. It may be a way for you to see that even when everything is far from perfect, you truly have more.

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